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Yacht Videos

Interesting Videos of Yachts and Ships

Jet Skier Learns the Hard Way

A Jet Skier found out the hard way about suction around the hull of ship which drags him under. See the movie above.

A little girl summons a horn salute from a ship, her reaction is priceless! See the movie below.

The Little Girl and the Ship's Horn

A cruise ship operating in hight winds needed to go to max thruster power to avoid over-running a marina. Unfortunately, the thruster wash did the job the cruise ship was seeking to avoid. See the movie below.

Cruise Ship Destroys Marina

Finally, our favorite video of a yacht and ferry collision in Washington state. Luckily except for large amounts of pride, no one was injured and the yacht and ferry were unharmed as well. See the movie below.

Ferry Versus Yacht

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