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Costa Concordia Under Tow
Salvage Refloating Video

Costa Concordia Live

Costa Concordia Refloating- Bow Emerges

UPDATE 7/28/14- Costa Concordia Arrives at Genoa
The Costa Concordia has arrived after a successfull tow to Genoa, Italy. The next phase is scrapping the giant vessel which is expected to take up to 2 years with a budget of 100 million Euros.

UPDATE 7/23/14- Costa Concordia Under Tow
Costa Concordia is under tow bound for Genoa. She has left Giglio in an easterly direction to be turned north for Genoa, Italy. The trip at around 2 knots is expected to take approximately four days.

Thus far this salvage operation will be costing 1.5 billion Euros including the towing of the hulk to Genoa. The actual scrapping of the vessel is expected to be around 1 billion Euros.

Costa Concordia Under Tow

UPDATE 7/22/14
The Costa Concodia is shown above with the bow exposed after partially pumping out of the caissons. Currently the draft is 23 meters and planned to be about 17.5 meters by Tuesday morning. The draft will be adjusted down for towing to be done hopefully also on Tuesday using a flotilla of vessels surrounding the Costa Concordia as well as the two main ocean tugs for the actual tow.

The Costa Concodia is the largest costing ship disaster in history with the recovery operations to top 1 billion US dollars and the scrapping of vessel to be aound 1 billion as well. The Costa Concordia is insured through a combination of self-insurance through an association of cruise ship operators and private insurance for liability and other insurance.

See the Costa Concordia Live stream link or click the pictures for the latest on the refloating and preparations for towing the vessel to the Italian mainland for scrapping.

Costa Concordia Refloating

The second video is the Time Lapse Video of the Costa Concordia Refloating.

Time Lapse of Costa Concordia Refloating

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