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US Navy Swarm Drone Boats

Technology Advances

US Navy Swarm Drone Boats Technology Advances

Latest US Navy Swarm Boats Technology

The US Navy's Office of Naval Research (ONR) has advanced the technology of drones at sea with Autonomous Swarm Boats. These boats which can be purpose built or adapted from manned vessels work in swarms to detect, decide which boat approaches and determine an approaching vessel's identification and intent. Though monitored by a manned console, the swarm boats make independent decisions for the protection of a Navy vessel, harbor or shore installation. See the movie above.

US Navy Swarm Boats Deployed
US Navy Swarm Boats Deployed

The US Navy will be using these boats for mine detection as well. The drone boat will tow detection gear or ship simulation gear that will cause mines to explode harmlessly.

The biggest plus for drone boat technology is the increased protection using less manpower. Ships's crews will no longer be exposed to enemy fire in open boats, always an increased risk compared to the safety of an onboard control station.

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