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National Hurricane Center Drone

National Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center in Miami will be deploying drones into hurricanes for research. Able to go where planes cannot- below 5,000 feet and just over the surface, drones are expected to give forecasters and storm research teams data for better future forecasting.

NHC Drone

In the past, the NHC has launched drones from ashore, now they will launch multiple drones from planes at the hurricane site. These drones are guided but can only drift with the winds. Multiple forms of data will be sent back to the plane for better evaluation of hurricane strength at different levels and eye wall movement.

The drones, called "Coyotes" are the latest step in evaluating more hurricane information for complete vertical converage unavailable until now. In the continuing quest for more accurate forecasts of direction and strength of hurricane paths, the drones will offer more information for better forecasting unavailable until now.

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