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When we place insurance on yachts, we ask for the area of navigation or location of the vessel in the summer months, which is the most active hurricane season. This means a higher risk of loss if you are in a high risk area, and will mean a more expensive policy for your yacht.

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For instance, a vessel in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean from June to November is going to have a higher premium than the same yacht moored in Newport Rhode Island in the summer months, as this vessel has more exposure to hurricanes and named storms.

The term we use for the middle Caribbean in the summer months is called THE BOX. THE BOX is a navigation area and only comes into existence in a specific time period, usually from June to November.

The limits of THE BOX are as follows:
Northern Limit: 23 degrees, 30 Minutes North latitude, (please check your own policy or quote for the exact info on this) and is a latitude line about 50 miles north of Cuba. If you are below this latitude you are in THE BOX. Most of the Bahamas and all Florida are above this line and a not in THE BOX.

Southern Limit: 12 degrees, 40 minutes North latitude ~June to November~ The latitude line a few miles above Grenada. This is the lower limit of THE BOX. Many of our insured yachts that cruise the Caribbean go to Grenada or Trinidad in the summer months to get out of THE BOX and have a lower premium and much less hurricane exposure.
There is a western longitude line also, but that varies from company to company.

The further north you go above THE BOX the less your premium will be depending on your company and there are differences in the company quotes on this.

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